The process of obtaining a family Permanent Residence Card through the EB-5 immigrant investor program is a process consisting of many different steps, divided into two main stages: the I-526 application stage (applying for a Permanent Residence Card conditional) and I-829 filing period (please remove conditions and get Permanent Residence Card permanently). The timing of each step as well as each stage is different between applications of each applicant. The main factors affecting the investor’s Permanent Residence Card application process include: investor’s profile, project profile, host country visa wait time.

During the I-526 application phase, Grand Aster and US Immigration Attorney will assist applicants in making investment in the project and preparing the application (this phase usually takes place in 4 weeks). Once the case is ready, the Attorney will file the I-526 petition with the US Immigration Service (USCIS) and obtain a Receipt (File Number). Investors can track the status of their application on the US Immigration Service’s official website After the US Immigration Department has finished processing the application, if approved, the investor will receive an interview schedule and receive a visa in Vietnam. A conditional Permanent Residence Card will be issued after the investor’s family arrives in the US and the first phase of the process ends.

Conditional permanent residence card is valid for 2 years. During the time living in the US, the lawyer will collect documents, including: documents proving that the investor is still making the investment and has created 10 jobs. After that, the attorney will file an I-829 petition on behalf of the investor to remove the Permanent Residence Card requirement. Six months later, the investor and family will receive a permanent Permanent Residence Card and the Permanent Residence Card process ends. Upon the end of the investment period and permanent Permanent Residence Card, the investor will be returned the initial investment amount 500,000 and end the EB-5 US immigration investment process. Investors and families can apply for


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